Welcome to OH-NEXTGEN !

OH-NEXTGEN will be a unique and sustainable web-based training programme that would equate to diploma level in neglected zoonotic diseases based on the “One Health” concept to contribute to research development and improved control of zoonoses in Africa.


Its target audience are the post-graduate and post-doctorate communities of medical and veterinary scientists in the Maghreb and Sahel regions. The course will be delivered in modular form and will be made available in both French and English. It will be integrated in the tropED platform and credits will be quality assured so that they will be valid for inclusion in other MSc, PhD and continuing professional development (CPD) purposes.


OH-NEXTGEN is a four-year project that will develop, implement, evaluate and disseminate the course. Thereafter the course is expected to be sustainable, co-funded by the participants, implemented by local training institutions and tutors and scientifically supported by international institutions and subject experts that have developed the materials.


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